Saturday, November 15, 2008

Edwin Booth Birthday Greetings Received from Around the World

A number of people from around the world sent email greetings to Spirits of Tudor Hall on the occasion of Edwin Booth's 175th birthday celebration at Tudor Hall on November 13, 2008:

Jennie Carter (descendant of Edwin’s half-brother Richard Junius Booth; Jennie lives in Australia with her family, and she and her husband and one of their sons visited Tudor Hall a couple of years ago; Jennie’s daughter is currently appearing onstage in the Covent Garden section of London), Nov. 10: “Happy full moon night on Edwin's birthday, I wish I was there!!! What fun. Australia is too far away.”

Daniel Watermeier, Nov. 10, (Author of Between Actor and Critic: Selected Letters of Edwin Booth and William Winter; Edwin Booth's Performances: The Mary Isabella Stone Commentaries; and other essays on Edwin Booth's career and performances.): “"Happy 175th, Edwin, or, Ted, as your friends called you. Since I have lived with your shade for over 40 years now, I feel as if we are friends. God willing before your 180th, your biography on which I've been working for far too long will be completed. If somehow this message enters the astral sphere, and I know you did believe in this possibility, please give my warm regards to Mr. Barrett."

Gary Sloan (professional actor, former director of the Preservation Association for Tudor Hall, current head of the MFA Acting Program at Catholic University in Washington DC. Gary has performed his one man Edwin Booth show in Bel Air on several occasions) Nov. 12: “Edwin Booth was known to have said that an actor's work is carved in snow . . . but for those of us who for one reason or another are still inspired by his story, let's celebrate his life by being grateful for our own and newly determined to play our own parts to their fullest."

Laurie Verge, (Director of the Surratt House Museum), Nov. 13: “Mr. Booth, Your fame has endured the test of time. Those of us in the fields of history and the arts send greetings and thanks on this, your 175th birthday.”

Steve Archer (author of Junius Brutus Booth: Theatrical Prometheus), Nov. 13: “I'd like to add my greeting to Tudor Hall on Edwin Booth's birthday. Keep an eye out for meteors.”

Kelly Archer, Nov. 13: "To Dinah and all those celebrating the 175th birthday of Edwin Booth:

The three Archers (Steve, Kelly and Steven) who are charter members of
the Preservation Association for Tudor Hall, extend their good wishes
to you, the new Spirits of Tudor Hall, and our thanks for all you do to
keep the memories of this remarkable family alive.

Happy Birthday, Edwin. We shall lift a toast in your honor tonight.

Wish we could be there. The Archers 3”

Terry Alford (editor of John Wilkes Booth: A Sister’s Memoir; currently at work on a new biography of John Wilkes Booth), Nov. 13: “Happy birthday, Ned! Your sweet nature still attracts friends, and I hope you like what they are doing with the "Ranch," as brother John used to call it. Keep smiling on their efforts and be a guardian angel for the old homestead!”

Mike Kauffman (author of American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies), Nov. 13: “Congratulations on completing the first Tudor Hall tours in many years. Wish I could have been there.”

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