Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Center for the Arts Featured in Aegis, April 14 and 16, 2010

Part one of an article about the Center for the Arts appears in the April 14, 2010, edition of the Aegis. The title of the article is "Harford's Place for the Arts," and it is the lead article in the "People, Places & Things" section on page AA1. Part two of the article titled "To Build an Arts Center" appears in the April 16th edition of the Aegis, and it is also the lead article for the "People, Places & Things" section. Bryna Zumer, L'Oreal Thompson, and Rachel Konopacki are the co-authors of the articles.

The Center for the Arts currently has its offices at Tudor Hall while the organization makes prepares to build a regional arts center in Harford County. The April 14th article includes a photo of Sallee Kunkel Filkins, executive director of the Center for the Arts, seated on the sofa in the Booth Room at Tudor Hall with David Fried's oil portraits of Edwin and John Wilkes Booth behind her. Unfortunately, the caption does not identify Edwin or John Wilkes and does not mention Mr. Fried.The article also includes a photo of Tudor Hall that was taken during the winter holidays several years ago.

The April 14th article quotes Ms. Filkins as saying, "Ideally, it [a new arts center] would be built in five to seven years." The April 16th says Ms. Filkins "fully expects a building campaign to be underway in several years, as soon as the county executive officially announces a site."

An online version of part one of the article including the photo of Sallee Filkins and the Fried portraits appears at:

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