Monday, March 2, 2009

New Roof and Archeology Coming to Tudor Hall

A new roof for Tudor Hall was included on the agenda of the Harford County Historic Preservation Commission at a meeting of the commission on February 4, 2009. Raymond Johnson (project manager of the Harford County Department of Public Works, Division of Construction Management) gave a presentation on the architectural plans for the roof which have been prepared by the architectural firm of Edmeades & Stromdahl of Bel Air, Maryland. At last check, work to replace the roof at Tudor Hall was expected to begin this summer. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Joe Pfaff (Director of the Harford County Department of Parks and Recreation) has given Spirits of Tudor Hall permission create a plan for possible archeological exploration at Tudor Hall. Continuing discussions are underway with Ann Persson (president of the Archeological Society of the Northern Chesapeake), Sarah Corey (Harford County Historic Preservation Planner), Charles Hall (Maryland State Terrestrial Archeologist associated with the Maryland Historical Trust), and the Center for the Arts.

Archeological work at Tudor Hall will not begin until the summer of 2010 at the earliest. Any digging at Tudor Hall will be scientifically and professionally planned and supervised, and we will take as much time as we need to make sure we get it right before any digging is authorized by the Department of Parks and Recreation and before any digging actually begins at Tudor Hall.

Watch the blog for updates.

Update on March 11, 2009, Meeting for Tour Guides

Photo taken at Tudor Hall on March 11 prior to the meeting. Notice the daffodils at the foot of the tree. Spring is coming to Tudor Hall.

A meeting of our tour guides was held at Tudor Hall on Wednesday evening, March 11, 2009, at 7:00 PM. Seven "Spirits" who were involved in our tours last fall, Kathy Cochran of the Center for the Arts, and two new volunteers attended the meeting.

Kris Thomson has courageously agreed to serve as lead tour guide in 2009. Kris led tours at Tudor Hall during the years Howard and Dorothy Fox owned the property, and Spirits of Tudor Hall feels blessed to have Kris's wisdom and experience to guide us.

We are also very pleased to have a number of other "old timers" joining us in our current efforts, including Jill Redding, Mary Iacchei, and (most recently) Katherine Ellis. Welcome back!

The primary purpose of the March 11 meeting was to lay the groundwork for the upcoming tours of 2009 (see post above for details). Many details related to the tours were discussed and decided upon. Everyone who attended the meeting is excited about the upcoming tours of 2009.

Kathy Cochran of the Center for the Arts graciously provided coffee and lemonade as well as delicious home made, "gourmet" mini-muffins and some truly irresistible chocolate cookies purchased at Safeway. Thank you, Kathy!

Photo of family, including baby in stroller and toddler, getting some fresh air at Tudor Hall on March 11, 2009.