Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seen at Tudor Hall on September 10, 2009

Goldenrod with busy bee. Isn't goldenrod a glorious wildflower? Left click on photo to see bee.

Lobelia (best guess Indian tobacco, scientific name lobelia inflata) member of the bluebell family currently growing in many locations around the grounds at Tudor Hall.

Mushrooms growing in a tree in the front yard at Tudor Hall.

Wayne Schaumburg, the Booths and Green Mount Cemetery on WYPR

Baltimore historian Wayne Schaumburg was recently interviewed by Tom Hall for WYPR's Maryland Morning. The interview took place while the two men were strolling around Green Mount Cemetery. The Booth family plot is described and discussed during the interview.

The interview aired on Tuesday, September 1, 2009. You can listen to an archive of the interview at the Maryland Morning page of the WYPR website. WYPR is a public radio station in Baltimore.

If the link doesn't work, please try copying it and pasting it into your browser window and hitting enter.

And for more information about Wayne Schaumburg and his guided tours of Green Mount Cemetery, click on "Older Posts" at the very bottom of this page. Then scroll down for the July 31, 2009, post on an article about Mr. Schaumburg.

In Bloom at Tudor Hall

All these photos were taken at Tudor Hall on September 2, 2009.
Left click on photos for a better view.
Above a wasp enjoys the goldenrod.

Queen Anne's Lace.

Joe Pye weed. There was a gorgeous and delicious scent coming off this field of Joe Pye weed and golden rod. The flowers were busy with wasps, moths, butterflies, and bees.

Spirits of Tudor Hall is seeking volunteers to document the trees and plants growing at Tudor Hall throughout the seasons and to create a pamphlet to be provided to visitors interested in the flora at Tudor Hall. If you'd like to help, contact us at:

Progress Update on Tudor Hall's New Roof

Left click on photos for better view.

The photo above was taken Wednesday, September 2, 2009, and illustrates a section of roof on the north side of the house being prepared to receive new roofing.

The photo above was taken Sunday, August 30, 2009, at Tudor Hall and shows the new roofing that had been put in place a few days earlier.

This photo was also taken August 30th and gives a better view of the panels that went up the previous week.

This photo was taken Wednesday, September 2nd and shows the new roofing in place at the front of the house.