Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Sister's Memory

The next time you visit Tudor Hall, take a look around the property. Asia Booth—who named the grand cottage Tudor Hall—had many adventures with her brother John Wilkes there. I'll let Asia tell you about one of them. In her book John Wilkes Booth: A Sister's Memoir, Asia wrote:

In the woods he (John) would throw himself face downward and nestle his nose close into the earth, taking long sniffs of the "earth's healthy breath," he called it. He declared this process of inhaling wholesome odors and rich scents delightful, but could never induce me to try. He called it "burrowing," and he loved to nibble at sweet roots and twigs, so that I called him a rabbit. He was ardently fond of outdoor life, but was never a sportsman nor an angler. He was a lover of botany and geology, and many of the specimens in my now limited collection are of his obtaining and selection. He was very tender of flowers, and of insects and butterflies. Lightning bugs he considered as " bearers of sacred torches," and would go out of his way to avoid injuring them. He once, after nights of endeavor, caught a katy-did just to show me what the little nuisance was like. I wanted it eagerly for my collection.

"No you don't, you bloodthirsty female," he said, putting the creature in his breast. "Katy shall be free to sing tonight out in the sycamores." Then kissing the small thing, he said, "Oh you small devil. How you can banish sleep, quiet, and good temper! Katy, you fiend, how many nights you have kept me awake cursing your existence!" With that he walked over to the trees, and laid the little night brawler safely among the leaves, to tune her pipes for night once more.

I love this story of brother and sister. As they were playing on the property of Tudor Hall, you can hear John already developing his dramatic flair. Great stuff!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tudor Hall Featured in "Nite Lite Photo Of The Day" - May 31, 2011

Tudor Hall was featured on "Nite Lite Photo Of The Day" section of Fran Lane 101.9 Lite Fm's (adult contemporary radio station in Baltimore, MD) website on May 31, 2011. A Big Thanks!

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