Friday, October 16, 2009

John Wilkes Booth on Ghost Lab November 2009

Joanne Hulme. Booth family descendant. Photo taken at Tudor Hall, October 2008.

For many years, some people have believed John Wilkes Booth was not killed in Virginia but escaped and headed west. The new Discovery Channel program Ghost Lab recently explored this theory.

According to the Ghost Lab website, the Ghost Lab team investigated "two locations rumored to be haunted by the ghost of John Wilkes Booth: a historic opera house in Texas and a furniture store in Oklahoma."

Booth family member and Spirit of Tudor Hall Joanne Hulme appeared in the show. Joanne is a direct descendant of Junius Brutus Booth Sr.'s sister Jane Booth Mitchell. In addition, one of Jane's granddaughters, Cora Mitchell (Joanne and Suzanne's grand aunt), married Junius Brutus and Mary Ann Booth's youngest son, Joseph.

The episode may eventually be available for viewing online via the Ghost Lab site. Info about online viewing will appear here if and when it's available.

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