Monday, November 15, 2010

Volunteer Harford Features Junius B. Booth Society and Mike Brown in the Aegis, December 29, 2010, Pg. A3

In September 2010, Volunteer Harford, a division of the Harford County Department of Community Services, chose the Junius B. Booth Society, Inc., as one of 33 local non-profit organizations to highlight in its Volunteer Harford Top 33 Picks program. The result is that the Mike Brown, vice-president of the Junius B. Booth Society and one of our most popular tour guides at Tudor Hall, was featured in a 1/4 page "ad" that appeared in the Aegis on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, on page A3. Congratulations to the Junius B. Booth Society and Mike Brown for being chosen for such an honor!

For a more readable version of the following copy of the ad, left click twice on the image below and then left click again to "magnify" the image even further. Click somewhere outside the borders of the ad to get rid of the blue highlights.